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Delivery period for METAhybrid® is 20 to 35 working days from receipt of advance and PO.

METAhybrid® width is standard and supplied in custom cut to required length minimum 300mm to maximum 6200mm to 6500mm as required made to order.

Yes we can supply in colour coated galvanise, Galvalume, colour coated Galvalume, and Aluminium.

Yes intermediate Layer can be selected as per utility and application and availability of insulating material.

Yes, the insulating material can get cut or damage by sharp cutting blade or impact.

Approximately 5 to 7-degree temperature variation is possible in standard condition.

METAhybrid® is available in 8 types of thickness.

  1. 6 mm with aluminium foil.
  2. 12 mm with and without aluminium foil.
  3. 19 mm with and without aluminium foil.
  4. 24 mm with and without aluminium foil.
  5. 19 mm with top and bottom metal sheet.
  6. 24 mm with top and bottom metal sheet.
  7. 30 mm with top and bottom metal sheet.
  8. 50 mm with top and bottom metal sheet.

Yes, METAhybrid® is available in fire resistance material.

  1. BS 476 Part 7 Class 1
  2. BS 476 Part 6 Class 0
  1. Pharma Industries
  2. Chemical Industries
  3. Manufacturing industries
  4. Animal House
  5. Agriculture Farms
  6. Factory Building
  7. Construction House
  8. Poultry Farms
  9. School & Colleges
  10. Food Industry
  11. Warehouse
  12. Textile Industries
  13. Factory Building
  14. Market
  15. Resorts, Auditorium, Sport complex, Market, Hotel, Farmhouse, Marriage Hall and other commercial buildings

An environmentally controlled house (ECH) is one in which inside conditions are maintained as near as to the bird’s optimum requirements, in order to maintain proper ventilation, temperature, relative humidity, and lighting program. Metahybrid product benefits achieve the required temperature advantage in the Environmental control shed. Microclimate is the local environment around an animal where the climate may differ from the surrounding areas of the farm building. The microclimate, or surrounding air, contains oxygen for the animal’s metabolism and is the medium for the transport of excess heat, water vapour, and gases emitted by the animals, and of gases from the decomposition of manure, and other particulate matter. The important microclimate parameters that affect air quality in animal buildings include temperature, relative humidity, and air velocity as well as gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, and nitrous oxide. The important aims of climate control are:

Metahybrid regulates the temperature inside the house.
  1. To minimize the temperature fluctuation in the house.
  2. To maintain proper relative humidity inside the house.
  3. To maintain proper lighting inside the house
  4. Due to severe heat stress during 4 long summer months, broiler production is stopped in COH, resultantly only 4-5 flocks are possible in such houses in a year. However, in ECH 8 batches of birds are marketed without any break.
  5. The Metahybrid ECH brings down the temperature by 10 to 150 C as compared to the conventional open-sided houses (COH) and makes it comfortable like colder regions.
  6. The major heat is transferred through the roof sheet which affects the inside environment of the shed. Metahybrid acts as the circuit breaker for radiant heat that may transfer from roof heat as result required temperature is maintained.

Banana, mango, and papaya ripening chambers are designed to stimulate the natural ripening process by controlling the temperature, exposure to stable & controlled ppm of Ethylene gas, discharging of CO2 gas and reducing the total ripening process to 4-6 days for optimum quality. For this to happen, the ripening room must be properly insulated to keep the temperature within the difference of one degree. Metahybrid thermal insulated profile sheets provide you best thermal insulation effect. with its thermal bridge elimination of outside temperature with its layers of three kinds of different materials to give the product its own features and combined to make a new generation of heat insulation profile sheets.

heat insulation for metal roof

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