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Metahybrid is an innovative Thermal insulated metal roofing sheet solution.

Metahybrid developed by GEOMETRIC STEELS. This is a multilayer under deck thermal insulated metal roofing and wall cladding sheet. It's a specific blend of thermal insulation material that is suited to the specifications of the client and application.

As a result of global warming, many people are seeing a shift in weather patterns. Under these conditions, building and maintaining safe, energy efficient, long-lasting and beautiful structures requires the use of cutting-edge technology which can enhance the entire structure for the highest efficiency. GEOMETRIC Steel understands that solutions can be found anywhere. This is why we go beyond the traditional construction sector to deliver brilliant engineering and creative concepts to construct and build projects of every kind. We provide thermal insulated metal roofing solutions that can help insulate, safeguard and improve industrial, commercial, and residential structures, enabling you to achieve the longest-lasting effective, reliable and profitable results for your construction projects.

heat insulated roof sheets manufactured by geometric steels

Best Thermal Insulated roofing sheet, METAhybrid®

Metahybrid roof sheets provides high thermal insulation

New generation of sound and thermal insulated metal roof sheets

METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets consist of three kinds of different materials that give the product their own features and are combined to make a new generation of sound and Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets.

Metahybrid Thermal  Insulated metal sheet maintains comfortable indoor climate

Keeps comfortable and clean indoor temperature at low.

The aim of METAhybrid® thermally insulated sheet roofing made of metal is to ensure an hygienic and comfortable indoor temperature at lower ambient temperatures. In order to make the office feel more lively, vital, wholesome and reviving. Ease of installation and diversity of applications.

Metal sheet with insulation reduces condensation

Strong water vapour permeability to resist moisture absorption material

METAhybrid® thermal insulated roof sheet Radiant Barriers can be easy to handle and set up and are able to withstand water vapour permeability that helps to prevent water absorption. All you need is a few hand tools.

Insulated thermal roofing sheet is energy conserving roofing solution

Most diverse, energy-conserving roofing and wall cladding material

METAhybrid® Thermal-insulated metal roofing sheets are one of the most varied energy-efficient wall and roofing materials that are available, with confirmed applications for residential/industrial warehouses, commercial buildings, halls/schools/collegesand public buildings, as well as the storage of agricultural structures.

METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets

It is composed of three distinct types of material, all contributing to the unique characteristics of the product. These materials are then combined to produce a brand new kind sheets of insulation for heat.

  • 01

    Top surface layer

    Is profile metal sheet that provides the strength and durability of steel, available in PPGI/GL/PPGL in profile of 1125mm actual width and 1060mm cover width.

  • 02

    Intermediate Layer

    It's a special insulation material used as per application and comes in thicknesses of 6 mm,12 mm and 24 mm insulation.

  • 03

    Bottom-lying layer

    Its aluminium foil Radiant Barriers or painted and provide a stylish appearance from the inside of the shed.


Features of METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets

The roof of a building is an important part of the building. Defended and insulated against external noise. METAhybrid® hermal insulated roofing sheets technology means the 4 to 5 tenths (or more) of the metal can be enhanced by 6 millimeters of sound-insulation with high densities being firmly attached to the sheet (aluminum, pre-painted steel, etc.).

Condensation in sheds constructed of metal is a frequently reported issue, which results in the atmosphere becoming damp and the formation of rust. The roof's inside is filled with water, creating an unattractive atmosphere harmful to the objects kept in roof sheds. Tools and machinery go rusty, fabric and food items become mildewed. METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets are most useful in such conditions.

It's a fact that a roof made of metal exposed to the sun's rays becomes hot as the metal is a good conductor of heat. Roofs with thermal insulation are a key element in attaining thermal comfort. The thermal roof insulation blocks the radiant heat, it acts as a circuit breaker, reducing temperatures and ensuring more resistance to heat. Thus, this layer of insulation will give the best results for insulation of the roofing sheet made of metal.

Thermal insulated roof sheet is Resistant to impact for metal roof sheds reduces vibration generated by industrial activities. When only metal sheets are utilized on their roofs, they usually have issues in ensuring that they have good walking resistance.

It is crucial in the construction of metal structures to segregate the roofing sheet from the metal structure. With the use of METAhybrid thermal insulated roofing sheets with its protective layer that covers the roofing sheet's intrados, the weight that is imposed on the sheet of roofing is decreased by around 25%. It also reduces heat bridges significantly, forming the barrier against heat dispersion. This happens when there is an electrolytic solution, two distinct metals come in contact with one another and a "potential" distinction is observed between them.

when outside temperatures are fluctuating throughout the day. It is important to have good insulating material below the roof sheet METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets with high-density insulating material give better thermal mass insulation.

An environmentally controlled house (ECH) is a house where the inside conditions are kept at a level that is close to what the bird needs to ensure proper airflow, temperature relative humidity, as well as lighting programs. METAhybrid® product benefits achieve the required temperature advantage in the environmental control shed.

heat insulation for metal roof

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