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Metahybrid is a unique Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheet solution.

Metahybrid developed by GEOMETRIC STEELS. It is an under-deck multilayer thermal insulated metal roof and wall cladding sheet. It has a special composition of thermal insulation material as per the application and customer’s needs.

Today, due to global warming, people are experiencing trends of inconsistent weather conditions. In such conditions, constructing and maintaining energy-efficient, safe, long-lasting, and pleasing structures demands innovative technology, which will enhance the entire building envelope for greatest performance. GEOMETRIC STEELS understands that solutions can come from anywhere. That’s why we look further afield, than the traditional construction category to bring flawless engineering and inspired ideas to build and construct projects of all kinds. We bring thermal insulated metal roofing solutions that help insulate, protect, and enhance residential, commercial and industrial buildings to help you achieve the most durable, reliable and valuable results for your projects.

heat insulated roof sheets manufactured by geometric steels

Best Thermal Insulated roofing sheet, METAhybrid®

Metahybrid roof sheets provides high thermal insulation

New generation of sound and Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets

METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets consist of three kinds of different materials that give the product their own features and are combined to make a new generation of sound and Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets.

Metahybrid Insulated metal sheet maintains comfortable indoor climate

Maintains a comfortable and hygienic indoor climate at low ambient

The purpose of METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets is to maintain a comfortable and hygienic indoor climate at low ambient temperatures. To make the workplace feel more alive, vital, healthy and refreshing. Ease of installation and diversity of applications.

Metal sheet with insulation reduces condensation

Strong water vapour permeability to resist moisture absorption material

METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets Radiant Barriers are very easy to handle and install, and have a strong water vapour permeability to resist moisture absorption. All that is required are simple hand tools.

Insulated thermal roofing sheet is energy conserving roofing solution

Most diverse, energy-conserving roofing and wall cladding material

METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets are some of the most diverse, energy conserving roofing and wall cladding materials available, with verified applications for residences/ industrial/ commercial/ warehouse/ school/ college/ hall/ public buildings and agricultural storage structures.

METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets

It is made up of three different types of materials, each of which contributes to the product's unique properties. These components are combined to create a new type of heat insulation profile sheet.

  • 01

    Top surface layer

    Is profile metal sheet that provides the strength and durability of steel, available in PPGI/GL/PPGL in profile of 1125mm actual width and 1060mm cover width.

  • 02

    Intermediate Layer

    It's a special insulation material used as per application and comes in thicknesses of 6 mm,12 mm and 24 mm insulation.

  • 03

    Bottom-lying layer

    Its Aluminum foil Radiant Barriers /painted that provide an aesthetic look from inside the shed.


Features of METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets

The roof of a building is an important part of the building. Defended and insulated against external noise. METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets technology means that 4 or 5 tenths of metal can be improved by 6 mm of high-density sound insulation, adhering perfectly to the sheet (aluminum, pre-painted steel, etc.).

Condensation in metal sheds is a very commonly reported problem, resulting in a damp atmosphere and rust formation. The inside of the roof runs with water, which creates a damp atmosphere that is bad for the items stored in roof sheds. Tools and machinery go rusty, fabric and food items become mildewed. METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets are most useful in such conditions.

It is common knowledge that a metal roof exposed to the sun’s rays gets hot. Thermal insulated roof buildings are an important factor in achieving thermal comfort. Thermal roof insulation interrupts the heat flow, and heat barrier material blocks the inflow of the radiant heat from the roof surface, reducing temperature and giving better thermal resistance. Therefore, this insulating layer is able to give a much better result for thermally insulating the metal roofing sheets.

Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets Impact resistance for metal roof sheds helps reduce vibration caused by industrial activity. If just metal sheets are used on the roof, they often come up against difficulties in guaranteeing good walkability resistance.

It is important in metal structures to isolate the roof sheet from the underlying metal structure. By using METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets with its protective layer covering the roof sheet at the intrados, the head load that bears on the surface of the roof sheet is reduced by about 25% and attenuates heat bridges noticeably, constituting a barrier to heat dispersion. This phenomenon happens when in the presence of electrolytic solutions, two different metals are in contact with each other and a “potential” difference occurs between them.

when outside temperatures are fluctuating throughout the day. It is important to have good insulating material below the roof sheet METAhybrid® Thermal Insulated metal roofing sheets with high-density insulating material give better thermal mass insulation.

An environmentally controlled house (ECH) is one in which inside conditions are maintained as close as possible to the bird’s optimum requirements in order to maintain proper ventilation, temperature, relative humidity, and lighting program. METAhybrid® product benefits achieve the required temperature advantage in the environmental control shed.

heat insulation for metal roof

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