METAhybrid Composite Double Skin Roof

It’s important that each building has good thermal insulation adapted for the utility of the building. The solution offers METAhybrid composite double skin roof panels that are pre-assembled insulated roofing sheets. They are a sandwich of insulation filler, steel profiled top sheet, and plain steel bottom liner panel.

METAhybrid composite double skin panels come pre-assembled so much easier to fit than the built-up double skin system. The insulation reduces noise which is ideal if working inside, they are low maintenance and top-rated for thermal performance, so an excellent method to insulate and clad any building. Composite panels minimize the radiant heat through roofs and walls which not only keeps your building cool but also reduces your carbon footprint and saves on the ever-increasing cost of energy bills. Installation of the solar panel is also feasible on this panel.


The top sheet is 0.50mm 1125mm actual with a cover width of 1060mm BIGspan profile (consisting of 4 profiles and 3 valleys) It is possible to mix and match manufacturers METAhybrid composite double skin, with steel in Colour coated Galvanised, Colour coated Galvalume and bare Galvalume with a choice of all our standard colour coated finish and a 0.50mm thickness off white plain liner panel facing into the building. Clean and aesthetically pleasing. Quick and easy to install, twin skin metal roofs, combine high performance and versatility in insulation thickness as per the utility of the building. A closed watertight construction ensures total weather protection whilst at the same time.

Length and Width:

The panels are easily lapped and cover 1060mm in width once fitted. With less lap loss and more cover width. We manufacture panels to the customer’s exact requirements from 600mm up to 12 meters in length.

Insulation Thickness:

The insulation/core is available in 12mm, 19mm, 25mm, and 50mm thickness.

Roof lights:

Factory profiled polycarbonate Roof lights work in conjunction with the steel composite panels and are delivered to the site ready to fit for quick and simple fitting.